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Build resilience, improve mental health, and beat burnout with EmpowerU's Educator PD Course.

Salem-Keizer Public Schools has the opportunity to offer EmpowerU's online Educator Professional Development Course to its staff members. If you are interested in learning skills to increase wellbeing for yourself, your colleagues and students —all while earning PDUs— please fill out the form below!

About the Course:

The EmpowerU Educator Self Care and Resilience Course is proven to lower stress and establish a higher level of wellbeing. Over the 8 week program, your 1:1 EmpowerU coach provides personalized feedback, helping you apply the concepts to your individual goals while building resilience and coping skills. This self-paced course takes approximately 12 hours to complete.

Salem-Keizer educators will receive 12 PDUs upon course completion, giving staff members dedicated time to invest in their own mental wellbeing and self-care.

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